Thursday, October 18, 2012

Relationships : Parents & Kids

As a girl in high school I've seen and heard many things through out my life.. and I know there will be much more. Sadly enough I've seen kids having kids. Sadly young people decide to enter a relationship because they want to feel accepted by someone. Parents! listen up! If you don't hug or show love to your kids. Someone else will! and that isn't always a good thing.. Why do you think your 14 year old got pregnant? Why do you think your 18 year old is being charged for driving drunk while coming home from a party with "friends".? That guy who got your little girl pregnant showed some type of care for her. And she so desperately wanting to feel that love, gave in to his every command. Those friends who convinced your little boy to drink, knowing he had to drive home, showed him some care at one point or another, and he didn't want to lose that, so guess what? He drank that beer... i just HOPE he didn't die, or kill another person. PARENTS! If you have a child. Show them love. And love is not! Yelling and screaming at them for every little thing they do. Make your child feel special. Take your daughter shopping once in a while. Take your boy to a Ball game or what not. It is important to have a relationship with your child.
I come from a broken family. My mother had to raise us for 6 years. Now she is remarried and happy. And guess what? Being a single parent does not give you and excuse for neglecting your kid. Matter of fact, that should be more of a reason you should spend time with your kid(s). they will grow up with that desperate necessity to find love, to find care, to find a hope,. and someone else will give them that love they are looking for. Your kids are the next generation. Love your kids. Respect them. Show them the right ways.. :) They'll thank you when they grow up and thank you for all you've done.

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