Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Future Goals!

What are goals?

Goal Definition: The end result or achievement in which effort is directed, is a goal.
Well, this is how the dictionary defines a goal. The truth, however, is that a goal is the first step in making your dreams a reality

The difference between a dream and a goal is that a dream is simply a fantasy, something you daydream about, but never actively pursue. A goal, on the other hand, is a concrete thing in which you set into motion the steps in which to obtain it.

That being said.!

My Goals are:

#1. Graduate highschool!
I just want to get that done and over with. Many people want to get it done and over with. But then there is college. :) college is different.!
#2. Sew as much clothes as I possibly can for myself.
I love clothes but like I mentioned in a previous blog. Its is hard to find appropriate clothing now a days...
#3. Go to college.
*sigh.. Freedom! its amazing! But then the stress builds up way more!
#4. Get a car.
I'm just hoping not to wreck it. :) ... too soon!
#5. Have atleast $5000 in savings by age 19.
We all need to plan ahead.
#6. Have fun and enjoy life!
What i mean by this is be single and worry free! yay!

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