Friday, October 19, 2012

How I feel About : Homosexuality

REMEMBER: This is MY blog. If you get offended, Just don't read it! Blogss are meant to voice your opinions and share with others. :) THANK YOU!

It seems as if the world we live in has gone crazy! So I walked in to my chem. class yesturday. (I have this class 2nd period) For some reason there was writing all over MY desk. Like out of all desks why does it have to mine? :) The writing said things like :
  • I am gay and Im proud
  • Being gay is awesome
  • I like ****
  • etc.

And I couldnt help bu wonder: Why would you want to be gay? Why do you think its awesome? Why are you proud? You say its because of who you are? In my honest opinion: I wouldnt want to be homosexual.
I wouldnt want anything that I already have. You say your different? well your sticking with the same things you were born with.. I DONT have a problem with the PERSON thats homosexual, ive had homosexual friends before.. Its just that the things they do, the way they seem to try to find their way.. and they go down the wrong path thinking its right, but their too blinded by their desperation to find something that they dont see what really is going on. This world is filled with confusion, this world is filled with iniquity. The bible speaks about how in the time of Sodom and Gamorrah the Man violated the natural use of a woman. and the woman did the same. And what exactly happened to those cities? THEY WERE CORRUPTED AND DESTROYED...

I know some of you will have strong comments about this.. but this is what I believe in. and if you have the right to voice your homosexuality, I have the right to voice my beliefs and opinions.

LEVITICUS: ch. 18.

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