Friday, October 19, 2012

How I Feel About: Mean girls

Mean Girls :)

BAHAHAHA! Thats how! I feel amused when I see a "mean girl" . :)
When I see a mean girl I cant help but feel giddy. I feel like I have someone to pray for. :) Someone to reach out to.
Because when I see a mean girl.. I see someone who needs some type of tenderness in there heart. I see someone who wants to shine. Who wants to be confident, and feeds off of someone elses insecurity. kind of like a leech.. leeches arent that pretty are they? You may be beautiful on the outside, but You look as ugly as a leech on the inside.. You can change that.. be beautiful on the outside and the inside. Your good looks wont last you long. I know. Ive seen it happen... plenty of times. Let me tell you a story. ok?

        When I was younger. in the fifth grade or so. i have was bullied. i was tossed around like a bean bag. by a MEAN girl. :) she was gorgeous. Green eyes. Blonde Curly hair, tan skin. she was flawless. kind of like a barbie doll. :) absolutley gorgeous. Everyone wanted to be like her. Everyone wanted to be her friend. Everyone but me. I was a very imaginative girl. I was too skinny, Too tan. My hair was too long, too dark. My spanish accent was too thick.
I was HER target. So i became everone else's too. :) She would pull on my hair, on my clothes, she would hide my homework, she would take my pencils, she would accidently spill juice on my clothes. she would throw toilet paper over the stall. it WAS horrible.
We grew up together in elementary, we went to the same middle school. Freshman year of highschool She had the best looking guy as a boyfriend, she was getting her car soon. she was as mean as ever.
Sophomore year, I talked to her.. I was still her target. I was till the little girl from elementary.
That afternoon, she was in a baking class, she was trying to take something out of the oven,. the oven was still hot. her hair caught on fire. the left side of her face burned, shes NOT beautiful from the outside anymore. What does she have now? her boyfriend left her. her friends left her. does she feel beautiful? maybe not. but guess what? i think she's beautiful. because she changed. she knows how to love now.
she knows what it means to be beautiful.

if your a mean girl... think twice before you say anything.. :) check your heart and change it. :)
<3 i love you all. the same.

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