Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How I Feel About: Fall/Apostolic(Pentecostal)


I LOVE love LOVE love LOVE, the fall. People ask me why! They ask "why would you like a season when everything is dying?" .. well i feel mor alive ! i feel great. I mean you dont have to worry about your skirt being "long" (which shouldnt be a problem anyways!) and you dont have to worry about your hairspray running down your face because your sweating. I dont have to worry about my make up running or my jewelry getting caught up in my clothes. :) i love Being apostolic, in the spring, in the summer, in the fall, and in the winter.! i have something to live for. i have nothing to worry about, which i thank God because now i can live without caring about minority things that will only stress me out. For example:
  • Does my butt look to small in these JEANS?:
  • Is my MAKEUP running?
  • ouch! my earing just got pulled out!
  • Omg! i accidently flashed my boob!
  • Can they see my undergarments through this clothes?
  • etc.
Fall is the time of year where everyone wears more clothing! which is another reason why i love fall. GIRLS you should not be wearning booty shorts, when it is 40 degrees outside. ok? and GUYS... isnt your butt cold? #smh. I wonder how this world would be if it didnt resemble sexuality so much.

  • Less rape .. Maybe.
  • Longer marriages... Maybe
  • Less teen pregnancies... Hopefuly
  • Less Maury/Jerry Springer.. SHUT IT DOWN!
*sigh.. this world needs a hope.. i think thats all i had to say! #WatchMeShine :)

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