Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Future Goals!

What are goals?

Goal Definition: The end result or achievement in which effort is directed, is a goal.
Well, this is how the dictionary defines a goal. The truth, however, is that a goal is the first step in making your dreams a reality

The difference between a dream and a goal is that a dream is simply a fantasy, something you daydream about, but never actively pursue. A goal, on the other hand, is a concrete thing in which you set into motion the steps in which to obtain it.

That being said.!

My Goals are:

#1. Graduate highschool!
I just want to get that done and over with. Many people want to get it done and over with. But then there is college. :) college is different.!
#2. Sew as much clothes as I possibly can for myself.
I love clothes but like I mentioned in a previous blog. Its is hard to find appropriate clothing now a days...
#3. Go to college.
*sigh.. Freedom! its amazing! But then the stress builds up way more!
#4. Get a car.
I'm just hoping not to wreck it. :) ... too soon!
#5. Have atleast $5000 in savings by age 19.
We all need to plan ahead.
#6. Have fun and enjoy life!
What i mean by this is be single and worry free! yay!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How I Feel About: Fall/Apostolic(Pentecostal)


I LOVE love LOVE love LOVE, the fall. People ask me why! They ask "why would you like a season when everything is dying?" .. well i feel mor alive ! i feel great. I mean you dont have to worry about your skirt being "long" (which shouldnt be a problem anyways!) and you dont have to worry about your hairspray running down your face because your sweating. I dont have to worry about my make up running or my jewelry getting caught up in my clothes. :) i love Being apostolic, in the spring, in the summer, in the fall, and in the winter.! i have something to live for. i have nothing to worry about, which i thank God because now i can live without caring about minority things that will only stress me out. For example:
  • Does my butt look to small in these JEANS?:
  • Is my MAKEUP running?
  • ouch! my earing just got pulled out!
  • Omg! i accidently flashed my boob!
  • Can they see my undergarments through this clothes?
  • etc.
Fall is the time of year where everyone wears more clothing! which is another reason why i love fall. GIRLS you should not be wearning booty shorts, when it is 40 degrees outside. ok? and GUYS... isnt your butt cold? #smh. I wonder how this world would be if it didnt resemble sexuality so much.

  • Less rape .. Maybe.
  • Longer marriages... Maybe
  • Less teen pregnancies... Hopefuly
  • Less Maury/Jerry Springer.. SHUT IT DOWN!
*sigh.. this world needs a hope.. i think thats all i had to say! #WatchMeShine :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

How I Feel About: Mean girls

Mean Girls :)

BAHAHAHA! Thats how! I feel amused when I see a "mean girl" . :)
When I see a mean girl I cant help but feel giddy. I feel like I have someone to pray for. :) Someone to reach out to.
Because when I see a mean girl.. I see someone who needs some type of tenderness in there heart. I see someone who wants to shine. Who wants to be confident, and feeds off of someone elses insecurity. kind of like a leech.. leeches arent that pretty are they? You may be beautiful on the outside, but You look as ugly as a leech on the inside.. You can change that.. be beautiful on the outside and the inside. Your good looks wont last you long. I know. Ive seen it happen... plenty of times. Let me tell you a story. ok?

        When I was younger. in the fifth grade or so. i have was bullied. i was tossed around like a bean bag. by a MEAN girl. :) she was gorgeous. Green eyes. Blonde Curly hair, tan skin. she was flawless. kind of like a barbie doll. :) absolutley gorgeous. Everyone wanted to be like her. Everyone wanted to be her friend. Everyone but me. I was a very imaginative girl. I was too skinny, Too tan. My hair was too long, too dark. My spanish accent was too thick.
I was HER target. So i became everone else's too. :) She would pull on my hair, on my clothes, she would hide my homework, she would take my pencils, she would accidently spill juice on my clothes. she would throw toilet paper over the stall. it WAS horrible.
We grew up together in elementary, we went to the same middle school. Freshman year of highschool She had the best looking guy as a boyfriend, she was getting her car soon. she was as mean as ever.
Sophomore year, I talked to her.. I was still her target. I was till the little girl from elementary.
That afternoon, she was in a baking class, she was trying to take something out of the oven,. the oven was still hot. her hair caught on fire. the left side of her face burned, shes NOT beautiful from the outside anymore. What does she have now? her boyfriend left her. her friends left her. does she feel beautiful? maybe not. but guess what? i think she's beautiful. because she changed. she knows how to love now.
she knows what it means to be beautiful.

if your a mean girl... think twice before you say anything.. :) check your heart and change it. :)
<3 i love you all. the same.

When I : Grow up

Grow Up

We all grow each and everyday,  every second of the day.
We all change, every second of the day.
We all make life changing decisions.
We all make mistakes.
We all want to fit in.
We all want to be Loved.
We all have dreams
We all have a darkside. A secret, that can  not be told.
We ALL expect to find somthing more.
only a FEW of us Find what were are really looking for. :l

When I grow up: I want to find love.
When I grow up: I want someone to save me.
When I grow up: I want to have a child of my own.
When I grow up: I want to help someone else find what found.
When I grow up: I want to be rich so I can give someone in need a home.
When I grow up: I want to be the voice of someone who needs to spoken up for.
When I grow up: I want to Live the way they do. Walk they way they do. With assurance.

HE gives me life.
HE gives me hope.
HE loves me.
HE created me.
HE saved me.
HE determined my Future.
HE fought my battle.

What is your HOPE?(nothing?) Who gives you love? Who cares about you? Who fights your battles? (nobody?) Do you want to be confident? Do you want to make a diffrence? Would you like to know my secret of faith? (Contact Me )

How I feel About : Homosexuality

REMEMBER: This is MY blog. If you get offended, Just don't read it! Blogss are meant to voice your opinions and share with others. :) THANK YOU!

It seems as if the world we live in has gone crazy! So I walked in to my chem. class yesturday. (I have this class 2nd period) For some reason there was writing all over MY desk. Like out of all desks why does it have to mine? :) The writing said things like :
  • I am gay and Im proud
  • Being gay is awesome
  • I like ****
  • etc.

And I couldnt help bu wonder: Why would you want to be gay? Why do you think its awesome? Why are you proud? You say its because of who you are? In my honest opinion: I wouldnt want to be homosexual.
I wouldnt want anything that I already have. You say your different? well your sticking with the same things you were born with.. I DONT have a problem with the PERSON thats homosexual, ive had homosexual friends before.. Its just that the things they do, the way they seem to try to find their way.. and they go down the wrong path thinking its right, but their too blinded by their desperation to find something that they dont see what really is going on. This world is filled with confusion, this world is filled with iniquity. The bible speaks about how in the time of Sodom and Gamorrah the Man violated the natural use of a woman. and the woman did the same. And what exactly happened to those cities? THEY WERE CORRUPTED AND DESTROYED...

I know some of you will have strong comments about this.. but this is what I believe in. and if you have the right to voice your homosexuality, I have the right to voice my beliefs and opinions.

LEVITICUS: ch. 18.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Relationships : Parents & Kids

As a girl in high school I've seen and heard many things through out my life.. and I know there will be much more. Sadly enough I've seen kids having kids. Sadly young people decide to enter a relationship because they want to feel accepted by someone. Parents! listen up! If you don't hug or show love to your kids. Someone else will! and that isn't always a good thing.. Why do you think your 14 year old got pregnant? Why do you think your 18 year old is being charged for driving drunk while coming home from a party with "friends".? That guy who got your little girl pregnant showed some type of care for her. And she so desperately wanting to feel that love, gave in to his every command. Those friends who convinced your little boy to drink, knowing he had to drive home, showed him some care at one point or another, and he didn't want to lose that, so guess what? He drank that beer... i just HOPE he didn't die, or kill another person. PARENTS! If you have a child. Show them love. And love is not! Yelling and screaming at them for every little thing they do. Make your child feel special. Take your daughter shopping once in a while. Take your boy to a Ball game or what not. It is important to have a relationship with your child.
I come from a broken family. My mother had to raise us for 6 years. Now she is remarried and happy. And guess what? Being a single parent does not give you and excuse for neglecting your kid. Matter of fact, that should be more of a reason you should spend time with your kid(s). they will grow up with that desperate necessity to find love, to find care, to find a hope,. and someone else will give them that love they are looking for. Your kids are the next generation. Love your kids. Respect them. Show them the right ways.. :) They'll thank you when they grow up and thank you for all you've done.